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AVI Files 

AVI, which stands for Audio Video Interleave, is a type of multimedia file container format used by Windows. The file type itself was introduced back in 1992 by Microsoft, and has been used ever since, though nowadays, some are unofficially called “AVI 2.0”.

These are actually file format extensions that are supported by a group called Matrox OpenDML.  The file container format was introduced as a part of the Video for Windows technology when Microsoft first brought it out, and it is now used widely by PC users who use video and Microsoft software.

These container files are capable of holding both audio and video, and can be used for simultaneous playback of the two. It can also be used for streaming, though it is not used nearly as much for that purpose.

AVI itself is actually derived from the RIFF file (Resource Interchange file format). Basically, it takes the information needing to be stored, breaks it down into chunks, identifies each one, and then groups them together as one in the form of an AVI file.

Since the AVI file container format has been developed for quite some time now, it does have some shortcoming, which is in part the need for the Mp4 to AVI converter techniques. For example, there were several things not built into it that would be nice nowadays. For one, there is not a standard way to encode some information with AVI.

Because of this, some players will not automatically select the right one to play, though this can be done manually sometimes. Also, variable frame rate material was not intended to be used with AVI, which can substantially increase overhead on projects involving such media. You have to find ways to work around this, which can be tiresome and time consuming, or even expensive.