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MP4 Files 

MP4s are a relatively new way to store music files, and many people see the MP4 as a revolutionary new file type that will change the way we interact with multimedia. Unlike MP3 files, which have been around since the 1990’s and are used by most popular media players, the MP4 file is mainly used by high-end portable music players or personal computers, although it could soon spread to all multimedia players.

This new file format can hold much more information than the older MP3 format, including many types of media other than music. While MP3 files are simply music files, MP4 files include much higher quality audio files as well as visual information, adding to your multimedia experience.

This relatively new technology actually includes several types of files, including .m4a, which is a file that contains videos, digital music, electronic books, or other media content. The .m4p file extension, meanwhile, denotes that the material contained in the file is protected by copyright.

Many MP4 files have both audio and visual components, although an MP4 file can also one or the other, or another kind of media content. For example, DVD-quality movies can be stored at a very small size using the MP4 format. Movie videos with the accompanying music are another popular use of MP4 format files, as are episodes of popular TV shows.

The MP4 format is very versatile, as you can see, and MP4 files may include many different types of media besides music. There are a myriad of options for converting file type into, and out of an MP4; for example, many people need to be able to convert MP4 to Avi, or convert Avi to MP4, and there are plenty of online MP4 to Avi converters available.

MP4, or Mpeg-4, is growing more and more popular for media devices, including what are still called 'MP3 players'. Many people believe that the MP4 format will be the future of digital entertainment, even though some new devices can only play the older MP3 format on their devices and MP3 player speakers. Many newly-developed devices can play MP4 files, including the iPod, PSP, Playstation 3, and Xbox 360, among other popular devices.

Because MP4 format files can store much higher quality audio and visual components and take up much less space doing so, many newer devices are beginning to support it. MP4 files can contain many different types of media, adding to your entertainment experience. Make sure that your multimedia devices are capable of reading the MP4 format.