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FLAC Converter 

What is a FLAC format? Can I listen to it on my MP3 player? Do I need a FLAC converter? How do I convert FLAC to MP3? How about if I want to convert FLAC to WAV? We're glad you asked.

If you have a MP3 player, chances are good that you have heard of FLAC files. FLAC files are audio files, as are MP3 files, but what makes FLAC files different is that they are “lossless”. This means that the FLAC file preserves the full quality of the original audio file. You can make FLAC files from live concerts, CDs or other recorded music, or any other kind of audio source. The file is compressed but retains all of the original quality and not any piece of quality is lost.

Because of its high quality, FLAC files are very popular. Some MP3 players and similar electronic devices support FLAC files, so you’ll be able to load them and play them as if they were MP3 files. However, if your file cannot be opened by the program or device you have, you need to convert it.


A FLAC converter can easily change your FLAC file to MP3, M4A, or WAV files, among others. FLAC is an open, free format, which makes it easily accessible. Since it is lossless, you will preserve all of your data by keeping it in FLAC files. The file format specifications are available to the public, making FLAC converters widely available. FLAC files are known for being error resistant, as well.

To use or play FLAC files, your software or hardware must be capable of playing it. Many MP3 players and other devices and programs exist that are capable of playing this file type. Others require a downloadable plugin or converter program. Since it is an open source format, there are many programs available to help you make use of this lossless audio format.

If you can’t play FLAC files using your audio device or program, you’ll need a FLAC converter, which is essentially a downloadable software application. To convert FLAC to MP3, simply follow the instructions in the provided tutorial.


That FLAC converter allows you to change your file to other types of lossless audio formats or to the popular MP3, M4A, and WAV audio formats. You can also download a plugin program for popular audio programs instead of converting individual FLAC files.